Privacy Policy

Loans For Disabled is responsible to maintain the privacy of individual applicant and our this responsibility has propelled us to opt for a strict privacy policy. Our privacy policy ensures every applicant the confidentiality of his or her personal details. Here is a brief detail of our privacy policy.

  • Loans For Disabled provides each of customer a unique login id and password. This login id and password are provided in order to maintain the security of applicants' personal documents. We expect that all applicants at Loans For Disabled will maintain the secrecy of their id and password.
  • The website of Loans For Disabled is open to all visitors. We are not indulged in the activities like collecting information about visitors without their knowledge. You can visit our website anytime and for that, furnishing any information is not required. We will get all information about you from your application form only.
  • Loans For Disabled does not support selling or disclosing valuable documents of customers to any third party. Therefore, you can be assured of the transparency of our services. We will not sell off your information. However, sometime we may share some of your details with reputed lenders so that you can get a profitable deal on the loan of your choice.